Premium Paid LinkedIn Influencer Mastery Workshop, Networking & Mentoring Experience

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Premium LinkedIn Influencer Mastery Workshop with Edward Zia

Edward Zia is a Master Sales and Marketing Coach who has worked in this area for over 25 years. He has previously been trained by Top Leaders in the Industry and has Coached and Mentored thousands of Leaders, Entrepreneurs, Business Owners and Professionals in the area of Sales and Marketing throughout his career.

Edward loves LinkedIn & Microsoft ❤️ and is Certified by LinkedIn and loves it! As an International Influencer on LinkedIn with hundreds of thousands of followers, both on his Personal & Businesses Pages, he loves helping like minded people win big.

Edward is a Leader and Authority in his field, hosting regular Business Networking Events across Australia as well as multiple Online Events on a weekly basis to help Support the Growth of his famous International Business Network.

He loves creating Online & Offline Master Persuaders & Inlfuencers. With a Graduate Diploma in Marketing from Monash University, Edward is also a Certified Practising Marketer with over 10k+ Coaching hours under his belt, helping Individuals generate Millions and Millions of Dollars.

Edward loves helping people Win Big, and his popular Influencer Mastery Workshop is a great Opportunity to learn his latest Linkedin SECRETS and more!

Edward will share how to really level up your LinkedIn Experience. Everything he teaches have been Tried and Tested, and Proven to work in his own Global Business.

This workshop is perfect for you if you'd love to learn how to:

🔥 Grow your LinkedIn Presence with high quality Connections

🔥 Create great Content in your own Unique way

🔥 Create Live Events that will build your Authority

🔥 Attract high value Leads, Clients and New Career Opportunities

🔥 Build a Network of like-minded Winners

This Workshop also Includes a Bonus Personal one-on-one Mentoring Session with Edward Zia post session.

Learn from the Best in the Business and Supercharge your Online Presence & Personal Brand! Learn how to Define and Identify your Niche areas of Expertise, Build and Grow your Online Authority and Personal Brand.

This Premium WORKSHOP, NETWORKING & MENTORING Experience is valued at AU$1500+, and we have made it accessible to you for only:

😗 AU$299 + GST (First time Special)

😗 AU$199 + GST (Loyalty Reward Rate for Past & Current AMV Clients)

Register here to book or get in contact with Edward personally over LinkedIn or edward@excellenceabove.com.au

🌍🌎🌏 This is an Online Workshop accessible from all around the World via ZOOM.

⏰️ For approximate 2 hours; 10am - 12pm Sydney Australian time

📼 The Workshop will be RECORDED for all Registered Attendees.

🎁 The Bonus Mentoring Session can be arranged after the Workshop.

LinkedIn Influencer Coaches:

REGISTER HERE for Friday 24th May 6PM EST (Eastern Standard Time US ) / Saturday 25th May 2024 10AM AEDT (Australian Eastern Daylight Time) 🔥🔥🔥


This Workshop will be running via ZOOM. Edward will be working hard to make it as INTERACTIVE as possible to help you win big.

You will also be connected with your Mastermind Chat Group prior to the commencement of the workshop!

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"What Ed Zia doesn't know about LinkedIn and Networking just is not worth knowing, the guy is an incredible ball of energy that is all about giving value. I've been a client of Ed's for 2 years now and it is by far one of the best things I've done in my business. Ed has connected me with amazing people and life gets better from there. If you are reading this, go and speak to Ed now." - Tim Beanland, from Melbourne Australia

"It gives me great pleasure to recommend Edward as an inspirational expert in his field. Both his approach and vast knowledge have assisted many and are backed by all the deserved endorsements here. It has made a considerable difference to me meeting Edward via Linkedin and I now find myself embracing this remarkable platform. His energetic and selfless enthusiasm is delightfully infectious and extends beyond the boundaries of social media. His marketing strategies, foresight, and incredible intuitiveness are delivered in a way that everyone can understand. Above all, with a unique and vibrant persona." - Andreas Yiasimi, from the United Kingdom

"Edward and Lassie Zia are a change-making couple. Here is what I love about Lassie and Edward: they are working together to concretely and selflessly benefit the lives of millions of people. Their empowering workshops and their upbeat and transformative messages are top notch. They give more than they take, they seek to lift others up, and they are sincere and authentic in their work with others. Thank you Lassie and Edward for being who you are and for being the Guiding Light for so many. I am so grateful to both of you. 🙏" - Sarah Polyakov, from Washington, USA



This Premium Workshop, Networking & Mentoring Experience is valued at $1500+ and we've made it as accessible as possible to help you win big and win so much with your investment:

😗 AU$299 + GST (First Time Special)

😗 AU$199 + GST (Loyalty Reward Rate for Past & Current AMV Clients)

REGISTER HERE for Friday 24th May 6PM EST (Eastern Standard Time US ) / Saturday 25th May 2024 10AM AEDT (Australian Eastern Daylight Time) 🔥🔥🔥